bikeTag saddle mount for Airtag by Apple

A stolen bike is returned to the owner thanks to Airtag & bikeTag saddle mount!

The owner of the bike was previously unknown to me and I contacted him by email whether I could reproduce the case: 

"... my mountain bike was stolen from my apartment locker and I was able to find it in a locked room nearby with some Airtags that I had on the bike, one of which was using your bikeTag saddle mount."

The bike owner had two airtags attached to his bike: he had attached one airtag to the saddle tube with insulating tape, the second airtag with the NINJA MOUNT bikeTag saddle on the bike saddle. The bicycle thief hadn't noticed either.

The NINJA MOUNT bracket played a special role in finding the bike:

 “The bracket was particularly good because my bike was locked in a concrete room and the signal was very weak. I couldn't easily find the Airtag in my frame, but the one in the bracket had a much stronger signal. "



The used NINJA MOUNT bikeTag holder for Apple® Airtag



Every bike that finds its way back to its rightful owner is a win for us!

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