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NINJA MOUNT GoAdapter Set for Insta360 GO2

NINJA MOUNT GoAdapter Set for Insta360 GO2

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  • Special Adapter for Insta360® GO2 Action Cam

  • Free sight: No visor in the way. The screw allows you to adjust the angle of the cam
  • Great look: Installing the cam under the visor looks much better than wearing it on top 
  • Better feeling: Lower center of gravity
  • Protects your cam: The action cam is mounted safely and is protected against dirt and crashes
  • Removable: You can dismount it any time and mount it on another helmet

Compatible with helmets like:

  • Ride100% Aircraft / Status
  • Troy Lee Designs D2 / D3 / D4 / SE3
  • IXS XULT / XACT / Phobos / METIS
  • Specialized Dissident
  • Kali Shiva / Avatar X
  • TSG Squad
  • Bell Sanction
  • Leatt DBX 5.0 / DBX 6.0

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