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Coil Assistant

Coil Assistant

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Enhance your mountain biking experience with the NINJA MOUNT Coil Assistant, your essential tool for precisely setting the SAG on your coil shock. Designed with the rider in mind, this physical product comes ready-to-use, featuring specially crafted brackets and a measuring ring for effortless and accurate adjustments. Perfect for those seeking to optimize their bike's performance without the hassle of DIY projects. The Coil Assistant is compatible with a wide array of bike models, making it a versatile addition to any mountain biker's toolkit. Crafted for durability and ease of use, this tool is dedicated to improving your ride by ensuring your suspension is perfectly tuned to your riding style. Please note that the NINJA MOUNT Coil Assistant is intended for personal use, aimed at enhancing the individual rider's experience. By choosing this product, you're investing in quality and innovation designed to elevate your mountain biking adventures. Get ready to hit the trails with confidence and precision – your perfect ride starts with the NINJA MOUNT Coil Assistant.

Please note that the skewer is not included in the set to avoid any risk of breakage during shipping, ensuring your NINJA MOUNT Coil Assistant arrives in perfect condition.

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